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Andrew Ewing
Room: 4031
Tel: +46(0)31-7869113


Doctoral degree: Defended April 1, 1983, Analytical and Biological Chemistry, Indiana University, Thesis title: Quantitative and Qualitative In Vivo Electrochemistry
Supervisor: Prof. R. Mark Wightman

Relevant postdoctoral work: 1983/84, Modified Microelectrodes, University of North Carolina, Supervisor:Prof. Royce W. Murray

Qualification as Associate Professor: 1989

Present and previous positions and periods of appointment:
1984-1992 Assistant/Associate Professor, Penn State University
1990-1995 Assistant Head of Department, Director of Graduate Education, Penn State
1992-2010 Professor of Chemistry, Penn State University
1995-2003 Adjunct Professor of Neuroscience and Anatomy, Penn State University
1996-2000 Co-Director, Neuroscience Option, Integrative Biosciences Graduate Program
1999-2010 J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Natural Sciences, Penn State University
1999-2004 Head, Department of Chemistry, Penn State University
2003-2010 Professor of Neural and Behavioral Sciences, Penn State University
2007-2010 Marie Curie Chair, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Gothenburg
2010- Professor of Analytical Chemistry, University of Gothenburg
2010- Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, Penn State University
2011- Chair, Analytical Chemistry, Chalmers University of Technology
2011- Director, Joint Chalmers-GU Initiative for Bioanalytical Chemistry


Electrochemical, separations, imaging with optical and mass spectrometry methods aimed at understanding the chemistry of single nerve cells, single vesicles, neural communication in cell networks and in the Drosophila nervous system; and understanding molecular messengers in cell differentiation. Analytical chemistry methods at the micro- and nanoscale.


Graduate classes: Bioanalytical electrochemistry, spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, analytical separations

Undergraduate classes: analytical chemistry

Recent awards

ACS Award in Electrochemistry, 2013

Charles N. Reilley Award in Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2013

Elected to Sweden Royal Academy of Science (KVA class 4), 2012

Wallenberg Scholar 2011

ERC Advanced Grant, 2010

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009

American Chemical Society Award in Chemical Instrumentation, 2006