Mattias Hallquist Associate professor

Department of Chemistry
University of Gothenburg
SE-412 96 Göteborg

Room: 4245
Tel.: +46 31 786 90 19
Fax.: +46 31 772 31 07

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Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA)

Traffic Emission of Particles

Urban Atmospheric Particle Measurements


Graduate School “Atmosphere and Environment"
Master programme "Atmospheric Science"
Centre for Atmospheric science @ Cambridge

PhD students
Eva Emanuelsson
Kent Salo
Robert Bergström (associated)
Helene Holmgren (associated)

Claudia Hak
Sara Janhäll
Åsa Jonsson


Administration Director of GAC
Board member of the Nordic Aerosol Society (NOSA)


Dr Hallquist (MH) is the Director of Gothenburg Atmospheric Science Centre. The objective of MH's current research is on atmospheric particles and their properties. The focus in MH's lab experiments is studies of aerosol formation from oxidation of organic compounds. The main research are done in connection to the G-FROST facility in Göteborg but also via experiments at large scale facilities such as the smog chambers at research centre Karlsruhe and Julich in Germany and at Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland. Regarding field measurement the focus is on the urban aerosol where e.g. traffic emission of particles is an important part. MH was coordinator for the urban measurement campaign Göte-2005. MH is PI for the laboratory facility G-FROST.

Thesis workers, PhD and postdoc positions: Please contact MH for further information.

Selected recent publications:

Urban aerosol evolution and particle formation during wintertime temperature inversions, K. Frans G. Olofson, Patrik U. Andersson, Mattias Hallquist, Evert Ljungström, Lin Tang, Deliang Chen, Jan B. C. Pettersson, Atmos. Environ. Accepted for publication. (2008)

Influence of OH Scavenger on the Water Effect on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Ozonolysis of Limonene, Δ3-Carene, and α-Pinene, Jonsson Å. M., Hallquist M, and Ljungström E, Environ. Sci. and Tech., 42 (16): 5938–5944 (2008)

Fossil and non-fossil sources of organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) in Göteborg, Sweden, S. Szidat, M. Ruff, L. Wacker, H.-A. Synal, M. Hallquist, A. S. Shannigrahi, K. E. Yttri, C. Dye, and D. Simpson, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 8, 16255-16289 (2008)

Temperature dependence of yields of secondary organic aerosols from the ozonolysis of α-pinene and limonene, H. Saathoff, K.-H. Naumann, O. Möhler, Å. M. Jonsson, M. Hallquist, A. Kiendler-Scharr, Th. F. Mentel, R. Tillmann, and U. Schurath, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 8, 15595-15664 (2008)

The Effect of Temperature and Water on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Ozonolysis of Limonene, delta(3)-Carene and alpha-Pinene, Jonsson Å. M., Hallquist M, and Ljungström E, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 8, 9323-9346 (2008)

Analysis of the hygroscopic and volatile properties of ammonium sulphate seeded and un-seeded SOA particles, Meyer N.K., Duplissy J., Gysel M., Metzger A., Weingartner E., Alfarra M.R., Fletcher C., Good N., McFiggans G., Jonsson Å. M., Hallquist M., Baltensperger U., Ristovski Z. D., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 8, 8629-8659 (2008)

Seasonal and spatial variation of atmospheric particulate matter in a developing megacity, the Greater Cairo, Egypt, Zakey A. S.  ; Abdel-Wahab M. M.; Pettersson J. B. C.; Gatari M. J.; Hallquist M., Atmósfera, 21, 171-189 (2008)



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Faculty of Science
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