Group members



Professor Göran Hilmersson, principal investigator, phone no: +46 (0)31 7722904 FAX: +46 (0)31 7723840

Tobias Ankner, Ph D student, phone no: +46 (0)31 7723844
Petra Rönnholm, Ph D student, phone no: +46 (0)31 7723844

Åke Nilsson, Associate Professor, phone no: +46 (0)31 7722898
Mariell Petersson, Master Student
Fredrik Lindgren, Master Student
Victoria Ullah, Master Student
Jonas Eriksson, Master Student

Former group members

Nermina Cardaklija, Bachelor thesis 2008

Emilie Olsson, Bachelor thesis 2008

Linda Nilsson Möllers, Bachelor thesis 2008

Per-Fredrik Larsson, Master Student,

Anna Said, Bachelor thesis 2007

Mikael Södergren, Postdoc 2006-2007 Amin Rostami, Exchange student now in Iran
Now Postdoc at York University with Peter O’Brien, York, UK

Dr. Johan Granander, Ph D thesis 2005 "Asymmetric Synthesis Mediated by Chiral Lithium Amides"
Now Postdoc at York University with Peter O’Brien, York, UK

Dr. Anders Dahlén, Ph D thesis 2005 "Novel and Powerful Lanthanide(II) Reagents –Synthetic Advances and Mechanistic Considerations"
Now at AstraZeneca R&D, Mölndal, Sweden

Dr. Richard Sott, Ph D thesis 2005 "Structure and Selectivity of Chiral Organolithium Reagents" Now at NeuroSearch Sweden AB

Sakis Tsetsilas "Asymmetric addition of alkyllithium reagents to benzaldehyde mediated by chiral lithium amides" 20p
Carl Williamson "Novel chiral lithium, sodium and mixed lithium/sodium amides" 20p

Annika Petersson
"SmI2/water/amine mediated intramolecular cyclizations of substituted aryl halides" 20p
Anders Lennartson "A novel chiral complex between a lithium γ-amido ether and n-BuLi: synthesi s, NMR studies and use in stereoselective alkylation of benzaldehyde" 10p

Paul Handa "Asymmetric induced SmI2-mediated reduction of ketones by means of chiral proton sources" 20p
Anna Sivengård "Asymmetric addition reactions mediated by bidentate (N,S) and tridentate (O,N,O) chiral lithium amides" 20p

Olaf Panknin "Chiral organolanthanides and lithium amide catalyzed asymmetric alkylation of imines" 10p,